“Psychiatric Disorder is a treatable
problem accept it and come forward to
be out of it..”

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What You Think About Psychiatrist ?

Do you belong to mass who have fix notion about psychiatrist or certainly a person who have accommodative thinking and flexibility in approach towards life.

Do you also consider that a psychiatrist is a doctor who treat only insane or mad people ?

Are you having notion that psychiatric disorders are untreatable?


just think again

Psychiatric disorder is treatable disorder, accept it and look forward to come out of it. Destigmatize it, find out devoted & considerate professional to be free of disability.

Are you aware about severity of morbidity caused by psychiatric disorder ?



He has about 12 years of experience in treating and providing best services to his capacity to the patients of psychiatric disorders. He strive hard to pacify the people in need. He has completed his medical training in psychiatry (MD 2003) from All India Institute of Medical Sciences, a premier institute of India as well as well recognized in world after MBBS from Patna Medical College. He has been working as consultant psychiatrist since then. He is running his own clinic in SHALIMAR BAGH and SECTOR 16, ROHINI under name of SRI GANESH PSYCHIATRY CLINIC.

CLINICAL ACUMEN - He is well trained in treating all type of psychiatric disorder although have special interest in Adult psychiatry, Old age psychiatry, Memory problem and Addiction problem.